Toilet Rough-In and How to Measure Toilet Dimensions

The first step you should take to if you want to install a toilet successfully is to take the measurements of the area you are intending to set up the toilet. You also need to take the rough in measurements to ensure that it will fit. We all know that this is not easy especially if you have never done it before, right? Most people find it hard to install or replace a toilet.

What is rough in?

The toilet rough-in is the distance from the finished wall to the center where the waste outlet is located. Many toilets have a rough-in measurement of 12-inches. However, in older homes, you can still find a toilet with a rough in of 10” or 14”.

The good news is that in this article, we will reveal everything you would like to know about rough-in and how to measure your toilet dimensions. Whether you are a professional plumber or not, the information in this article will be very practical when you are installing a new toilet. Are you ready to learn? Read on.

Toilet Rough-In

a) How far is toilet rough-in from the wall?

The distance from the wall to the centerline of a toilet should be at least 18 inches. The minimum distance should be 15 inches.

b) How do I know if my new toilet will fit?

Firstly, you need to take the measurements carefully to ensure that the new toilet will fit perfectly in the same position as the old toilet. The rough-in measurements should be between 11” and 13”if not, your new toilet will not fit. You should look for a toilet which fits the rough-in distance where you are planning to set up the toilet.

c) How close can a toilet be to a wall?

A standard drywall is normally ½ -Inch thick. When setting up the toilet, your plumber should set the toilet to be at least 15 ½ or 12 ½ Inches from the center of the flange to the wall.

d) How much space do you need either side of the toilet?

It is advisable to install the toilet at least 15 inches from either side. You should also ensure that there is a clear space of about 24 inches in front of the toilet or bidet.

e) What is 12 inches rough in for a toilet?

In most cases, the distance from the wall to the center of the toilet is usually 12 inches and this is what is referred to as 12 inch rough in for a toilet.

f) What is rough in size for a toilet?

This refers to the distance between the wall and the outlet pipe which drains the toilet. The most common distance is 12 Inches.

h) How do you measure rough in for a new toilet?

To determine whether your new toilet perfectly, you need to, first of all, take the measurements of the wall to the center of the closet bolts. You should also take the measurements of your new toilet to ensure that it will fit in the rough-in distance you have set.

i) How far can a toilet be from the vent?

If your toilet is within 6 feet from the stack and the waistline has a diameter of 3 inches, you can tie the waistline of the new toilet directly into the stack. If the waste line has a measurement of 4 inches, the toilet should be at least 10 inches from the stack.

j) Do all toilets fit the same?

Toilets come with different rough-in measurements. However, most toilets will fit perfectly in a rough in measurements of 12 Inches. You need to take the measurements of where you would like to place the toilet and ensure that the one you have selected will be suitable for those measurements. Some toilets can fit perfectly in a drain with a difference of 1” of the standard rough-in.

k) What is the minimum width for a toilet?

A toilet should have a clear width of 30 inches but most people prefer a toilet with a width of 32-36 Inches. A single sink should have a width of at least 30 inches.

L) What is the rough in dimensions for a toilet?

If you want to find out the measurements of your toilet rough-in, just take the measurements from the wall that is behind the toilet to the middle of the closet bolts. You will realize that the distance will be more than that of a standard toilet which has a rough-in measurement of 10”, 12”, 14”. After you have done this, you can now round off your measurements to the nearest standard rough in.

The Bottom Line

Determining the rough-in distance of your toilet should be the first step when you are installing a new toilet. If you will follow the above guidelines carefully, your work will always be easy when installing a new toilet. You can even do this without the help of a plumber since most toilets come with clear instructions on how to install.

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